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You’ve probably heard that in order to properly weatherize and winterize your home, you should seal cracks. But what if don’t know how to do that? What if you’ve never used a caulking gun? Today, we’re going to teach you how to actually seal air leaks around your home!

If you’ve spotted a crack or opening that air is leaking through, what the heck do you do about it as a regular average homeowner?

Well, as you probably know, you’ll need some caulk (latex or silicone), and a caulking gun. Not everyone uses a gun, but if you’re new to this, we highly recommend it. And on top of that, we recommend one with an automatic release. But you can also get a pressurized cartridge so the caulk will come out easily on its own. You’ll also probably want a putty knife or something similar that you can use to chip away at old caulk, to seal over the top of it. And if it’s a larger opening we’re talking about here, you may want some sheet aluminum to cover it.

Now we’ve got our materials ready! So, what’s next?

First, clean the area if desired or needed, by chipping off the old caulk and/or paint with the putty knife. Then, if you’re using a caulking gun, you cut the tip off the cartridge at a 45-degree angle, before putting it in the gun.

Whatever you do, don’t use the caulking gun without testing it out on a piece of paper or something first, just to make sure you’ve got a good handle on it!

Now, you’re going to hold the gun itself at a 45-degree angle to the crack. Try and fill the crack in one continuous stream instead of having to stop and start, if you want it to look nice in the end!

Next, wet your finger and glide it over what you’ve done so far (which is called “tooling” the caulk), filling the rest of the crack. If you do mess up in your application, you’ll want to clean it with a damp rag right away before it dries.

That’s it!

All in all, the tube of caulk will probably cost you about $2, and the gun can cost up to $20, but that’s a lot less than the cost of a professional energy audit!

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