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Could Your Air Conditioner Ever Generate Its Own Electricity?

New start-up companies claiming that they’re going to revolutionize an industry are a dime a dozen! So if you hear that an energy start-up is planning on making an air conditioner that not only saves you money on electricity, but actually generates its OWN electricity, you might be a bit skeptical.

So are we! That’s why we decided to investigate the claim ourselves …

The company Be Power Tech has plans to create an air conditioner that runs on natural gas, which isn’t a new idea in and of itself. We wrote an article recently on why you should convert an oil furnace to natural gas in order to save energy and money.

To summarize the article, we mostly talked about how heating your house with oil costs twice as much as heating it with natural gas. We touched on the fact that natural gas can actually be up to 98% efficient, only wasting 2% of fuel!

However, we didn’t talk about why natural gas (which this innovative new air conditioner utilizes for energy) is better for the environment!

Natural gas is relatively clean energy, at least compared to coal or oil dirty combustion. Natural gas only emits half the carbon dioxide that coal does! So natural gas is definitely a preferable alternative, which is why we’re glad to offer it in new furnace installations.

But what’s this about a natural-gas-powered air conditioner, that can actually produce its OWN energy? You may be thinking … “Sure, natural gas is better, but how does it result in the air conditioner making its own electricity?”

Well, the air conditioner from Be Power Tech is able to do two innovative things:

First of all, rather than cool your home  by allowing refrigerant to absorb heat … this air conditioner uses water to cool down hot, dry air from outside. Water vapor, rather than refrigerant, cools and humidifies the air.

So then, why isn’t this technology mainstream yet? Why are we still using refrigerant instead of water?

Well, you may have noticed that we said, “water cools down the hot, dry outdoor air.”

But that only works if the outdoor air is both hot and dry!

Right here in Yakima, Washington, summers are often very dry, so this water evaporative cooling method could work – if and when the technology emerges for this 100% efficient A/C system.

It would be powered by a natural gas fuel tank that is able to convert natural gas into electricity and heat. Most air conditioners eject hot air outside and it’s wasted, but the air conditioner by Be Power Tech makes sure to use this heat produced as part of its process.

So it may be a little misleading to say that this air conditioner is generating its own electricity, as if the electricity comes out of nowhere, since that’s not possible.

The air conditioner is creating its own electricity in the sense that it doesn’t have any waste, and thus is way more efficient than the average air conditioner! This is a really neat scientific breakthrough …

But for now, it looks like we are limited to our currently existing high-efficiency HVAC systems! We have a lot of those here at ThermAll.

You can rest assured that a new system from ThermAll is the right system for you. Our techs are happy to help appraise what you need, and save you money.

If you want to know more about ThermAll’s high-efficiency system options, contact us online or call (509) 248-8368 ! We want to keep your family comfortable.