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Do you have asthma or allergies or any other breathing problems? Do you have young children in your home? Do you have pets that shed a lot? All of these situations may warrant regular duct cleaning. Any particulates, hair, dust, dander or other organisms that are present in your home make their way into your duct system and often settle. Air that passes through your ducts pick up some of these contaminants and are pushed into the air we breathe. Whether you have health issues or small children in your home, your family may have added sensitivities to these unwanted contaminants. If you have pets that shed, your home may have additional pet hair and dander in the ducts that require more frequent cleaning. When you have your ducts cleaned, leave it to the experts at ThermAll. We use high tech remote video inspection cameras to view your ducts. We then use powerful vacuums to remove all the debris in your ductwork. Upon completion of our work, we will give you a visual ‘tour’ of your clean system with our cameras. As always, your satisfaction is our first priority. Call ThermAll today to schedule your thorough duct cleaning!
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Why choose ThermAll for your duct cleaning?
Whole-house duct cleaning
Video inspection
High power vacuums
100% satisfaction guarantee
Video tour upon completion
Promt, courteous service
A whole-house duct cleaning can improve your home in so many ways:
Improved air quality
Helps those with breathing problems
Removes excess pet hair and dander
Eliminates allergens in the duct system
Prevents contaminants from re-circulating in your system
Can help reduce dust in your home
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All of the air in your home passes through your duct system and picks up any particulates that may be present. Ducts present ideal conditions for mold, bacteria and other microorganisms to grow in their dark, often moist environments. Just imagine the dust, dander, pet hair and other allergens often collecting and sitting in your ducts. No one wants to be breathing these contaminants! ThermAll offers a simple solution. With one call to us, we will come to your home, use our video inspection equipment to inspect your ducts and then employ our high powered vacuums to remove all the contaminants from your ducts. After we are done, we will show you what was removed from your system. You can see everything that you eliminated from the air you breathe! We will then show you your cleaned duct system to ensure your complete satisfaction with the work. If you have any questions or concerns, they will be addressed immediately. We are confident that you will be thrilled with the results!
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