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Don’t let the summer heat make your house uncomfortable all season. Ensure your air conditioner is working properly by scheduling repair and maintenance services. Call us for appointments in Yakima and Kittitas counties.

When summer’s temperatures leave you sweating outside, you want to make sure you can find comfort in your house. To ensure your air conditioner is working correctly, call ThermAll Heating & Cooling, Inc. for appointments in the Yakima and Ellensburg, WA areas. We provide repair, maintenance, and installation services. Founded in 1988, we are dedicated to improving the lives of our customers.

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Signs You Need To Replace Your AC System

Don’t wait too long to replace your air conditioner. If it fails completely it can leave you in a hot and stuffy house all summer. Instead, watch for these signs that can indicate you need to install a new unit:

  • Age: Your unit is older than 15 years old and nearing the end of its life expectancy.
  • High utility bills: Your unit is losing efficiency, causing your utility bills to increase.
  • Less effective: Your property is no longer reaching a desirable temperature, or you feel cold air coming from the unit but it’s not blowing as strongly as it should be.
  • Multiple repairs: You’ve recently had to make multiple repairs to the unit.
  • Major repair: You need a major or costly repair, such as a new motor or compressor.
  • Leaks: Your unit is leaking.
  • Noises: You hear strange sounds coming from your unit, which can signal an issue with your motor.

How To Save on Cooling Costs

While it’s nice to have a cool and comfortable house to come home to in the summer months, keeping your house at an ideal temperature can also cause your utility bills to increase. To save on these costs, consider using these tips:

  • Ensure that your home is properly insulated to keep hot air from seeping in.
  • Replace air filters regularly -- about every three months -- to allow the unit to operate at its full capabilities.
  • Get a tune-up by a professional at least once a year.
  • Install a programmable thermostat.
  • Reduce your thermostat by a few degrees. It will save energy, and you are unlikely to notice the difference.
  • Replace your outdated system with a new, more energy-efficient one.
  • Use fans to help circulate the air around the house and make it feel cooler.
  • Close drapes on sunny days to keep the heat out.

Is cool air not being properly delivered throughout your house? This can signal an issue with your air handler. Contact us to learn about our air handler services.

Common Problems With AC Units

It would be great if our air conditioners worked flawlessly whenever we need them to, but occasionally they might need repairs. Some common problems you might experience with your unit can include:

  • It’s not producing cool air: Perhaps the most noticeable problem with your system is if it is not producing cold air, even when the thermostat is turned to the lowest setting.
  • It’s overworking: If air is not flowing through your vents properly it can cause your system to work harder than necessary to cool your property. This can cause your monthly bills to increase.
  • The thermostat is malfunctioning: If you have hot and cold spots throughout your home, these can be caused by a malfunctioning thermostat.
  • It’s leaking: If you notice moisture around the unit it can be due to a blocked drain tube. It could also be refrigerant, which can be dangerous if it’s not handled by a trained professional, so any leaks should be inspected.

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