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Megan Weeber's Profile Image
Megan Weeber, This month
Lexi Foley's Profile Image
Lexi Foley, This month

Mark was very kind and informative! Arrived on time and fixed our issue with ease. Highly recommend ThermAll!

Carolyn Belles's Profile Image
Carolyn Belles, Last month

Quick response and service. We would recommend Thermal highly and would use them again in the future without hesitation.

Tim Sain's Profile Image
Tim Sain, Last month
Cheryl Cosand's Profile Image
Cheryl Cosand, Last month

shyann was knowledgeable she unscrewed the base and looked at condenser and knew it needed repair she had one thank God….. three days without air conditioning at 107 degrees. We were so pleased and grateful. We made an appointment Monday to see about a new air conditioner. Thank you again.

Amy Rominger's Profile Image
Amy Rominger, Last month

We have had the most positive experience with Thermall installing a new unit at our home. Other local companies gave us a 2-3 month wait for installation. Once we called Thermall, we had our estimate and installation completed within 2 weeks. Jose, Tim, and Alex were professional and efficient and answered all of our questions. We highly reccomend this company and we will be using them for all of our future heating/cooling needs.

Sarah Staudinger's Profile Image
Sarah Staudinger, Last month

Very good response....temperature was 104° outside and after realizing my a/c wasn't working I called Thermal and they were out in an hour. They replaced a broken capacitor.

Paul Crossett's Profile Image
Paul Crossett, Last month

Extremely professional, well organized, friendly, and very fast

Brad Briggs's Profile Image
Brad Briggs, Last month
Ashley Burmaster's Profile Image
Ashley Burmaster, Last month

This company is amazing, very willing to come out on a very timely matter and handle the issue.