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Meter Base & Master in Yakima, WA

Ellensburg, Cle Elum & the surrounding areas

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There’s a part of your home electrical system you may not have thought much about: the meter base. You know about the meter, but the base is an essential part of its operation. You may also have a meter master, which handles metering for multi-unit buildings. All services for a meter base or meter master must be left to licensed electricians. ThermAll Heating, Cooling & Electric has these services and many more to meet your electrical needs in Yakima, WA and the surrounding area.

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Meter Base Repair

Meter bases are designed for durability, but they can malfunction due to wear, aging, and weather exposure. Because the meter base houses vital incoming and outgoing electrical cables and connections to the wiring of a house, any repair needs to be done soon. Our electricians can take care of any repair necessary for a meter base such as replacing damaged parts, tightening electrical connections, sealing gaps, and making upgrades for code compliance.

Meter Base Replacement

A meter base may sustain sufficient damage that it’s safer and more cost-effective to have the entire base replaced. You can trust our electricians to provide you with honest answers about when your meter base needs a replacement.

Meter Master

If you own multi-family housing or a commercial property, you’ll likely have a meter master to measure usage for different tenants or units connected to a single municipal electrical line. ThermAll Heating, Cooling & Electric is your local source in Yakima, WA for all services for meter masters.

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