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Attic Fans in Yakima, WA

Ellensburg, Cle Elum & the surrounding areas

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You might wonder why you would need a fan for your attic. The answer is that attic fans help tremendously with temperature control and protecting the roof. Our electricians at ThermAll Heating, Cooling & Electric highly recommend having an attic fan installed for your house in Yakima, WA or wherever you live in the surrounding area.

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You can also trust our team to repair or replace your attic vent fan—we stand by all our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we also offer free second opinions. We take pride in always being there for our customers no matter what they need!

Call us for attic exhaust fan services in Yakima, WA. We are “Your Home Comfort Heroes!”


Attic Fan Installation

Even on a mildly hot day the temperature in an attic can rise to 130°F, and this heat will seep down into the house below. An attic fan exhausts the heated air inside the attic (which comes from the radiant energy from sunlight on the roof) to lower the attic’s temperature. This not only makes for better comfort, it helps save energy on running the AC. An attic exhaust fan also vents out the moisture from an attic that can cause damage to the roof, giving the roof a longer lifespan.

Attic Fan Repair

If you’ve got an attic vent fan that isn’t doing its job, don’t try to jerry-rig a solution. This is a job for licensed electricians! Just call our team at ThermAll Heating, Cooling & Electric and we’ll see the problem is fixed.

Attic Fan Replacement

An attic fan works hard, and eventually the fan helping to cool and protect your attic will need a replacement. Call us for a replacement in Yakima, WA and you’ll see why we’re your "Home Comfort Heroes!"

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