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Whole-Home Humidifier Services in Yakima, WA

Ellensburg, Cle Elum & the surrounding areas

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Do you know what the ideal relative humidity level is in any given home? It’s between 30%–50%. While we don’t have to deal with excessive moisture in the summer as other areas do, our air does get very dry in the winter. This is why you may benefit from a whole-house humidifier!

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We want to help you start improving your indoor air quality, and part of this effort may very well include a humidifier.

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Humidifier Installation

Have you started considering a whole-house humidifier installation? We think this is a great option for you! This is especially true if you’ve been relying on a portable system, which is really only good for a single room or two.

Partner with our experienced technicians for your humidifier needs and you’ll start improving your indoor air quality right away. Depending on the type of air handler you have, we’ll look at factors like the type of ductwork and ventilation and how to best support this system.

Humidifier Repair

Humidifier maintenance is the best way to defend against sudden, surprise humidifier repair needs. Still, natural wear and tear will eventually necessitate humidifier repairs or even a humidifier replacement. When that time comes, we’re the team to call!

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