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Duane Lanphere, This month

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING Customer Service and Quality Service! Great customer service from calling in and scheduling to the services provided. We have worked with the team 3 times now. I cannot recommend them enough. Thank you for taking great care of us

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Terrie Geaudreau, This month
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Will Markey, This month

We have used another company to service our mini split since we moved into our home over 3 years ago. We have never been happy with the way it worked. On cold winter days we had to supplement the mini split with electric wall heaters. We also had to set the thermostat 4 or 5 degrees above the temperature we wanted to get some heat out of it.

Last fall, at the recommendation of a neighbor, we tried TherMall.

The first thing the tech did was check the inside of the inside head with a flashlight. It was filthy! He took it apart and cleaned the entire unit.

This last winter it kept our home warm. The thermostat is now accurate to the room temperature,

We can't recommend them highly enough!!

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Tana Chambers, This month