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Whole-Home Surge Protection in Yakima, WA

Ellensburg, Cle Elum & the surrounding areas

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Are the appliances in your home protected from voltage surges? If your answer is “Yes, I’ve got power strips,” then you don’t have whole-home surge protection and it’s something you’ll want to look into. ThermAll Heating, Cooling & Electric installs whole-house surge protection that gives your household the best defense against all types of voltage spikes.

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You can trust our skilled electricians: we back up all their work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We also offer free second opinions. No matter if you want new surge protection or repairs for your current whole-house surge protector, we’ll meet your needs in Yakima, WA and the surrounding area.

Contact us for whole-home surge protection service. We are “Your Home Comfort Heroes!”


Surge Protector Installation

How does whole-house surge protection work? Unlike power strips, which only provide protection at individual outlets, a whole-house surge protector monitors all the electricity entering a house at the electrical panel. If the voltage spikes because of a lightning strike, downed power cable, or trouble at the local power plant, the surge protector channels the excess voltage safely into the ground. This not only prevents serious damage to valuable appliances, it also extends equipment life. However, you must have licensed technicians handle installing whole-house surge protection.

Surge Protector Replacement

A surge protector can itself wear down with time. After ten years, we recommend updating an older whole-home surge protector. Ask our technicians if you’re ready for a replacement.

Surge Protector Repair

A whole-house surge protector may be able to stop a voltage spike, but it can suffer damage as well. If you suspect your surge protector requires repairs, call ThermAll Heating, Cooling & Electric in Yakima, WA and we’ll get you the help you need.

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