Smart Thermostat Services in Yakima and Kittitas Counties

Do you want to be able to control the temperature of your home from wherever you are- including at work or even on vacation? Call us to learn about our smart WiFi thermostat installation and repair services in Yakima and Kittitas counties.

Your thermostat plays an important role in controlling the temperature of your home. You should be able to change the temperature from wherever you are - including at work, on vacation, or just running errands. Installing a smart WiFi thermostat allows you to do just that. From the convenience of your mobile device, you can monitor and adjust the temperature on your smart thermostat. So when the kids crank up the AC when they get home after practice or school, you can easily change it back to your regular settings - even if you’re not home. Call ThermAll Heating & Cooling, Inc. for installation and repair services in Yakima and Ellensburg, WA. We guarantee satisfaction!

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What Is a Smart Home Thermostat?

While a traditional thermostat is that device on your wall that you occasionally walk over to, adjust the temperature setting, or switch from heating to cooling when the seasons change, smart thermostats can do so much more to provide ultimate climate control and convenience. These WiFi-connected units let you control the temperature of your house - no matter where you are - from your mobile device. This lets you set the temperature higher or lower when you’re not home to save on energy and start to cool or heat your house before you return home. These smart devices give you ultimate control over the temperature in your house.

What Common Thermostat Issues Mean

Like all household devices - and electronics - smart thermostats may need occasional repairs. Some of these can include:

  • A server outage or software issue: Your device may suddenly be unavailable if there is a server outage or a bug in the software. Until the issue is resolved, you may not be able to adjust the temperature.
  • Your HVAC system doesn’t have a C wire: Smart thermostats use the C wire in your HVAC system to charge and to enable it to work without using power from the heating or cooling system. If your older unit does not have this wire, it can cause the HVAC unit to malfunction. A professional can install the wire to ensure the thermostat and HVAC system both work correctly.
  • Dead battery: The device’s battery can go dead if it does not get enough power from the HVAC system. An expert can inspect the wiring to ensure the device is properly powered.

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Benefits of Installing a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats can provide many benefits to your home. Some of these advantages can include:

  • You can add password protection to the unit so you can prevent your kids from changing the temperature unexpectedly.
  • You can program it to various temperatures based on different times of the day so you’re not wasting energy while you’re away from home.
  • You can connect your home thermostat to your smartphone, allowing you to control the temperature remotely from your device.
  • You can decrease your monthly utility bills by better controlling the temperature in your home.

Do you want to control the temperature of your house from anywhere - including when you’re on vacation? Call ThermAll Heating & Cooling, Inc. at 509-248-8368 for programmable thermostat installation services in the Yakima and Ellensburg, WA areas. Our expert technicians are dedicated to improving the lives of our customers.