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Michael Mccay, Two years ago

Great service; very prompt.

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Dottie Miles, Two years ago

Your tech did a super job and took the time to tell us what he found or what he was going to next. We had a plate of cookies out on a table and he ate all 40 of them. (Just kidding)! He is a great employee for you guys.

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Randy White, Two years ago
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Maureen Wilson, Two years ago

Friendly service when you call, appointment times available within a reasonable window, and expert technicians to perform the on-site work. My tech, Jesus, was efficient, clean, thorough, and took time to explain the work he was doing. I like that an annual maintenance program is available. Glad I held out until I found this excellent HVAC company.

Terri Meeks's Profile Image
Terri Meeks, Two years ago

Jesus was very professional, did a great job with our maintenance, checked our ductwork. Very good service! Thank you ThermAll Heating

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Dana Ogan, Two years ago
Maverick Excavation LLC's Profile Image
Maverick Excavation LLC, Two years ago

We were blown away by the professionalism and politeness of the crew who installed our three Mini Splits. When we first contacted ThermAll we had no heat in our newly purchased house. They showed up the same day I called and had me a quote that day as well. All the employees were kind and trustworthy. Everyone made a great extra effort to protect our new epoxy floors. Once the instal was done Mark took the time to explain the system to us and how to use it. We couldn't recommend these guys enough. We look forward to working with you guys again and again!!!

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Sarah Elizabeth, Two years ago

We called because our heater was out, and they sent somebody out in a few hours to fix it. Ray was incredibly kind, respectful, amd helpful. He quickly fixed the problem and we would be happy to work with him for any HVAC needs!

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Jason Osorio, Two years ago
Bob Rapp's Profile Image
Bob Rapp, Two years ago

What a delightful experience! We noticed our heat was out at 2am - and it was 22 degrees with 15 inches of snow on the ground. The house was down to 52 degrees and we were shivering. I called thermall and their after-hours person said she would ring back at 8am or soon after - which she did.
She dispatched a heating technician who found the problem - which had been fixed just a week earlier by a cross-town competitor - not well as you can see.
Then she put us on the emergency install list, had a team there the next day - and loaned us space heaters to keep us warm until they could come.

The team that came - amazing - fast, organized, skilled, tidy, polite and so able to solve our problems.

They installed a new Daikon heating and cooling system in one day - and it is wonderful. Much more constant, less blowing air, and we have reset our thermostat from 67 to 62 because it is so much more efficient.

They even cleaned up 100 percent of their mess. Wow - they have our business for life - and their system has a year of 2 hour guaranteed service - but this is a service plan we will buy for many years to come.

In the middle of a pandemic, supply chain that is difficult and generally hard to get return calls, these folks are AAMazing!