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Patricia Davis Long's Profile Image
Patricia Davis Long, This year
Keith Monosky's Profile Image
Keith Monosky, This year

Exceptional company, exhibiting an ideal work ethic that is lacking in most service entities. Trevor was an incredible and professional primary contact/salesman with genuine interest in our needs and wants. The technicians that did our HVAC installation were all professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. They stayed until all the work was done and thoroughly cleaned-up afterward. The product of their work was impeccable. I highly recommend this company to anyone needing HVAC, plumbing, or electrical service work!

Jackie Brunson's Profile Image
Jackie Brunson, This year

Excellent service, went above and beyond to get the furnace replaced in our rental!
Highly recommend this business!

Bill Vance's Profile Image
Bill Vance, This year

All good. Ben is very personalble and professional and did a thorough job of assessing the difficulty and finding a solution. We would like to adopt him.

Robin Ghramm's Profile Image
Robin Ghramm, This year

Breakers replaced in my home Andy was Amazing!!
Great company to work with all areas heating, cooling & electric.
I highly recommend them!

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Sylvia Pena, This year

It was good experience.

Gary DeVall's Profile Image
Gary DeVall, This year
Debi Sanchez's Profile Image
Debi Sanchez, This year

New electrical in remodel.
Andy and Jorge are amazing electricians.
They go beyond getting the job done and are such amazing humans.
I HIGHLY recommend Thermall for all services they offer! I have not been disappointed with any service!
Thanks for the awesome, professional work!

Judith Monosky's Profile Image
Judith Monosky, This year

Trever was very helpful and knowledgeable. We highly recommend this company.

Crystal Bumpas's Profile Image
Crystal Bumpas, This year

I want to share my experience and gratitude for ThermAll Heating, Cooling & Electric. I moved into a new build in 10/2023 that came with a septic system. Within days of being in the home I was having issues. With the home being under a year warranty, the builders sent out a local chain plumbing company. That company was at my home 12 times in 14 months. The first 2 visits they say were caused by things being flushed. The next 10 visits, repairs were made but no answers to the reoccurring issues. Fast forward to the end of November 2023, same issues going on again and the plumber was back out again. He did his normal job of pumping some of the pit, checking the pump, saying he repaired it. He put it back in the ground but recommended for me to get a electrician out to see why the pump continued to trip the breaker box. I called multiple companies and ThermAll was able to come out the soonest. Andy showed up and immediately noticed there was never a check valve installed with my septic system. How the plumbing company never noticed that is beyond me..... Next he did his troubleshooting to rule out any electrical issues. Thirdly he suggested I get the pit completely pumped out to see what was at the bottom that could be causing 3 pumps to fail in a years time. I had a company come out and drain the pit. They found multiple pieces of broken PVC pipes as well as screwdriver bits and handles. Andy was able to retrieve all the debris and took my pump to get a second opinion. The pump was toast when the plumber put it back in the ground, told me it was working and charged me almost $800. That's not even anywhere near the thousands and thousands the builders paid out to the plumber while the home was under warranty. I guess I am running on a bit. I say all that to say this, once my home warranty was up, I was up against thousands of dollars out of my own pocket as a single mother was very scary feeling. Andy came in and got the right people involved and found the root cause "the debris" most likely dropped in the pit during the building phase or pluming visits. The whole experience took a huge toll on my mental health I am forever grateful of Andy with ThermAll for everything he did to help me with solving the issues at my home. I remember the first day he showed up at my door I was a emotional wreck and was actually in tears explaining all the issues over the last 14 months. He looked me in my eyes and said I am going to help you get these issues fixed and that is exactly what he did. Thank you so much Andy from the bottom of my heart.