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Proudly Serving Yakima, Ellensburg, Cle Elum, and the Surrounding Areas Since 1998


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The Best Upgrade You’ll Make This Summer: Central AC

For many years, people have consistently chosen central air conditioners over window AC units when given the choice. But that’s the problem: due to the sheer installation cost of a central air conditioner, many people just don’t get to make that choice. They end up pulling out their window cooling units every spring and dealing with the consequences.

However, central air conditioners in Yakima, WA, might be more expensive to install, but they can actually be pretty affordable to run consistently. And, depending on the layout of your home and your lifestyle, you might be a lot better off with a central AC than with a window unit.

We know, the investment cost is enough to scare many potential customers away, but let us at least explain why it’s a good financial decision if you do have the disposable income to spend on it.

Efficiency Is Key

Here’s a fact: central air conditioners are built to cool an entire home with optimal efficiency. This means they’re designed to cool the maximum area possible by using as little electrical energy as possible. This isn’t just a selling point, it’s one of the main reasons why air conditioners have gotten so powerful and efficient over the years.

AC systems used to consume more electricity than they do now. This is why central air conditioning is more common, not just because it cools an entire home, but because it does it with minimal impact on your energy bill.

Yes, you’ll still see a jump in electricity consumption from month to month, but it’s likely not as bad as you might think. And compared to multiple window AC units, you might actually save money on your energy bill.

Insulation Works Both Ways

Did you know that the exterior walls of your home are built with insulation to keep things cozy during the winter? It’s true, most homes rely on insulation so a steady breeze doesn’t completely halt your lifestyle during a chilly winter.

However, insulation works both ways, and it can actually be an advantage when you have central air conditioning. Your exterior walls are more insulating than the interior ones, which means that a central AC cooling your entire home might work more efficiently and more easily keep cool air inside than window units trying to cool one or two rooms.

Better Lifestyle and Comfort Options

Look, we know that to some customers on a tight budget, central air conditioning can sound like a dream. For a long time, it’s been thought of that central AC is only a luxury. But temperatures are fluctuating more than they used to, and heatwaves are reaching new record highs during the summer. Comprehensive, low-maintenance AC is more of a necessity today than a luxury.

Cooling your whole home lets you live your life the way you want to, without compromise or being relegated to certain rooms.

Longevity, Warranties, and Maintenance

Don’t forget, most central air conditioners come with a variety of options and warranties depending on how you they’re installed. Make sure you opt with a team of licensed professionals so you can get the most out of your purchase.

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