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Ssh … The Daikin Fit is the Quietest Air Conditioner Ever


What’s the quietest air conditioner on the market? We have it, and we want you to hear it. Or … NOT hear it!

Here at ThermALL, we’re excited to unveil the Daikin FIT. It’s so quiet!

The technology

The reason the Daikin FIT is so quiet is because it’s inverter-driven. What does that mean?

Basically, it means that the speed of the compressor can be controlled precisely, which allows precise temperature control. Also, because the compressor can slow down or speed up without starting and stopping, or fluctuating too much in its speed, it’s quieter!

Not only is an inverter-driven system quieter, but it’s also more efficient. That means more energy savings, and less chance of breaking down!

Think of your car: when you’re driving in the city and traffic is constantly stop, go, stop, go, you’re wasting gas and your car is not able to be efficient. But when you’re driving down the highway and only slightly changing speed, your efficiency / gas mileage is much better – just like the slightly fluctuating, but never stopping, inverter-driven air conditioners.

“How quiet is it?”

Well, as you already know, sound is measured in decibels. But unless you know how loud in decibels other things are, it doesn’t give you context for the quietness of the Daikin FIT:

  • 0 decibels: As you can imagine, right above 0 decibels is where human hearing begins.
  • 10 decibels: Almost inaudible breathing (Breathing while at rest)
  • 30 decibels: The average whisper (We know that some people whisper more loudly than others!)
  • 56 decibels: The Daikin FIT!
  • 60 decibels: The average speaking voice (We know that some people speak louder than others!)
  • 65 decibels – Average laughter
  • 70 decibels – Vacuum cleaner / hair dryer
  • 75 decibels – Dishwasher
  • 75 – 80 decibels – Average air conditioner
  • 80 decibels – Garbage disposal
  • 120 decibels – Airplane takeoff
  • 140 decibels – Fireworks

Hear for yourself

So as you can see, not only is the Daikin FIT way quieter than the average air conditioner, but it’s closer to a quiet speaking voice, whereas the average air conditioner is as loud as your noisiest appliances!

But don’t take our word for it…Hear it for yourself below:

Watch the Video

Do you like what you see? Or hear?

We’re glad to offer this new system as well as a range of other amazing, robust Daikin-brand systems. If you need a new A/C in the Yakima or Ellensburg area, call the ThermAll family at (509) 248-8368 or contact us online.