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Proudly Serving Yakima, Ellensburg, Cle Elum, and the Surrounding Areas Since 1998


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Is a Ductless AC Right for Your House?


Ductless HVAC systems, also known as ductless mini split heat pumps, have been around for decades. But it wasn’t until recently that ductless systems started to make a major impact on homes in the US. Before then, ductless mini splits were popular in Japan and Europe. Their many benefits finally allowed them to break through in this country, and now many of our customers are looking for ductless systems in Yakima, WA.

If you’re wondering whether a ductless HVAC system is right for your home, this post can help. We’ll look at a few considerations that will get you started thinking about ductless mini split heat pumps and their uses.

Ductless Cooling and Heating

In the title, we referred to a “ductless AC,” since most people are initially interested in ductless systems as options to cool their homes. But most ductless mini splits are heat pumps, which means they can work to heat homes as well, just like standard heat pumps. Although there are a few “cool only” models, one of the biggest benefits of choosing a ductless system is that it’s a complete comfort solution—you don’t need a separate furnace that uses ductwork when a ductless mini split can handle comfort year-round. Heat pumps are well-suited to our local climate, so your home shouldn’t need any supplemental heating during winter with a ductless system.

The “Mini Splits”

What does the mini split part of the name ductless mini split heat pump mean? It refers to the small wall-mounted units that allow a ductless HVAC to work without ducts in the first place. A standard central heat pump (or AC) has a single outdoor unit that connects to a single indoor unit. The indoor unit conditions the air which is then blown into the ductwork to the rooms. With a ductless system, the single outdoor unit connects to multiple indoor units: cassettes mounted on exterior walls. Each of these mini units has its own refrigerant coil and blower so it can send conditioned air straight into a room. A standard ductless system can have 1–8 indoor air handlers to provide cooling around a house.

The Best Benefits of Ductless Systems

  • Heating and cooling in one installation
  • Perfect for older homes that don’t have pre-existing ducts in them—no more need for ugly window ACs
  • High energy efficiency because there’s no heat loss or heat gain through ductwork
  • Ideal for targeting hard-to-heat and cool spots
  • Useful for add-on rooms or room conversions without tampering with the rest of the HVAC system
  • Better indoor air quality without dust-gathering ducts

The Right Choice for You?

You probably now have a good idea if going ductless is a good choice for your home. If your house already has a full network ducts, it’s best to stay with a standard central AC or heat pump. However, you may still find ductless mini split heat pumps useful for certain rooms or if you plan on remodeling, add-on rooms, or room conversions. If you have a smaller house or older house that lacks ducts, the ductless mini split is likely your best choice, solving numerous comfort problems at once.

We can help you find out if going ductless is what your household needs for comfort!

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