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Proudly Serving Yakima, Ellensburg, Cle Elum, and the Surrounding Areas Since 1998


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Ways You Can Use Ductless Mini Splits in Your Home

Ductless mini splits have made major inroads into home in the US over the past decade. Originally designed to meet the needs of small Japanese homes, the ductless mini split (a.k.a. ductless mini split heat pump) has spread globally to address many different comfort needs.

Not everyone knows how flexible ductless systems are. They don’t just have a single use; they offer a range of benefits that will help out in different situations for homeowners. You may not realize the ways that installing ductless mini splits can help your home. We’d like to change that in this post! Below are several of the ways you can use ductless heating and cooling to your advantage.

1. Whole-House Cooling for Older Homes

Homes built before 1970 usually lack ductwork because central heating and cooling wasn’t yet the standard for residential buildings. But this doesn’t mean older homes can’t enjoy quality comfort throughout their rooms! Ductless mini splits make it simple to place heating and cooling units (attached to the walls) all around a house. These units connect to a single outdoor unit. This setup requires making almost no changes to the infrastructure of the home, which is especially beneficial if you’ve got a historical home.

2. Whole-House Cooling for New Construction

If you’re planning on building your own home, wouldn’t it be nice if you could eliminate the need to create space for ducts? That’s quite a bit of property you can reclaim! Ductless mini splits give you that option, plus they have high energy efficiency and come with automatic zone controls. You’ll enjoy a sleeker house and lower energy costs. 

3. Targeting Hard to Heat-and-Cool Spots

Most homes have that one room or that one corner where the central heating and cooling system never seem to do any good. It’s too drafty or it’s too hot. Instead of making a major overhaul to the HVAC system, you can have a strategically placed ductless mini split take care of the problem. Installing a ductless unit doesn’t interfere with the rest of the HVAC system.

4. Add-On Rooms

Are you expanding your home as your family grows or looking to create a larger work space? Whatever the reason, you’ll have a dilemma with your existing HVAC system: it isn’t designed to handle the additional area. Rather than change out the current HVAC system and build ducts to the new room, you can place a ductless mini split in the space. It won’t alter the rest of the HVAC system and it has its own separate controls. 

5. Room Conversions

Changing a garage, basement, or attic into a living/working space is a good way to expand your house. But these aren’t spaces that are normally heated or cooled. As with add-on rooms, you can get around this using a ductless mini split. 

For more information about ductless mini splits in Ellensburg, WA and their benefits, reach out to our team. Whatever you need the ductless heat pump to do, we can help you best embrace the flexibility these systems offer.

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