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Tanya Segura's Profile Image
Tanya Segura, 3+ years ago
Christine Hall's Profile Image
Christine Hall, 3+ years ago
Kristina Kortekaas's Profile Image
Kristina Kortekaas, 3+ years ago

We needed a new heating/air system and they were very knowledgeable and quick to get it installed.

Chrissy Brader's Profile Image
Chrissy Brader, 3+ years ago

I just had my furnace repaired by Thermall and am so very impressed with their services. From reception (ANGIE), estimate (RAY), and repair (Jose). Price was also resonable.
I highly recommend this company.

Rudy Perez's Profile Image
Rudy Perez, 3+ years ago

Recently had the opportunity to discuss a new system with Roland and make the decision to have a ductless system put in our house. It was the perfect solution of an old house without any access for a duct system. The technicians (Tim and Luis) assigned to our installation were very professional. The communication on changes was great and accommodating to the needs of our house and family. Highly recommend using ThermAll.

cherrie picatti's Profile Image
cherrie picatti, 3+ years ago
Carolyn Mason's Profile Image
Carolyn Mason, 3+ years ago

We had some major work done on our furnace and it was a horrible job for the fellows who did it. They were gracious, efficient, cheerful, punctual, considerate, and THEY FIXED OUR FURNACE and AC. An expected 4 hour job turned into one that lasted slightly longer than 12 hours but they stayed and completed it on a Friday night! Very satisfied and very grateful for their dedication.

David Rossignol's Profile Image
David Rossignol, 3+ years ago

I appreciate the work the folks put in and continue their service. They put in a ductless system at my house and am pleased with their recommendation on this system.

Priscilla Weyna's Profile Image
Priscilla Weyna, 3+ years ago

Every thing was great good service and fast and friendly good job. Bob

J M's Profile Image
J M, 3+ years ago

Good, efficient job of servicing HVAC