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christopher keller, 3+ years ago

Called on Monday during one of the hottest days ever in Yakima. They moved their schedule around to get me in on Wednesday. Ray the tech was knowledgeable and on point and had The problem diagnosed within 10 minutes and fixed shortly after. They have good staff who explain things in an easy manner to understand and do try and make the effort even during a high volume time.

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John Johnson, 3+ years ago

Have used this company for two separate homes now. Always thoroughly impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail.

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Joanna G-Schuller, 3+ years ago

We had an air conditioning emergency on the weekend and called Thermall because we used them in the past. The dispatcher told us a technician would be call us in the afternoon, but Rey called us around 10:45. (a pleasant surprise because it was supposed to be over 100 degrees later in the day). Rey was very courteous and professional and got to work right away. He identified the problem immediately when he opened the outdoor AC unit. It was a old capacitor that he was able to replace with a new part he had on hand in his service vehicle. We are lucky he had the part because the temperature is supposed to reach 115 degrees in few days, it was nice we didn't have to wait to order parts or make the repairs. I won't lie, it was on the expensive side to fix (over $400 with the visit, parts, and labor) but not unreasonable for an emergency weekend visit during a heatwave. Thank you Thermall and thank you Rey.

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Brett Harris, 3+ years ago

Super pleased with ThermAll. They even came out on a Sunday during the unprecedented heat wave we're having to service our unit and get the house cool again! Really have enjoyed all the interactions that I've had with everyone there!

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Barb Evans, 3+ years ago

Excellent service. Timely, professional and personable

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Michi Mortimer, 3+ years ago
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Ana Jeronimo H, 3+ years ago
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Peter B, 3+ years ago
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Daniel Reilly, 3+ years ago

Jose was the Technician. He was very courteous and he had shoe coverings which I didn't care either way but good to see in case some customers did. He was good with me watching and asking questions (always curious). You could tell he knew his stuff as he diagnosed the issue with in 10 minutes using his voltage meter. He had the part on had and installed it. Then he went ahead and cleaned the burner thermostats without me asking. He also check the condensation pump to make sure that was working.
Koodos to dispatch for keeping in contact with me on when Jose would arrive.

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trevorx wyattx, 3+ years ago