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Don’t Make These Mistakes When Hiring an Electrician for Repairs

Monday, July 3rd, 2023

If you need to have electrical repairs done in your home, the first step is to look for a professional electrician. But hiring a professional electrician isn’t as simple as an online search where you pick the first name that pops up. You need to know how to navigate hiring an electrician so you don’t make several common mistakes that can lead to costly problems later or even safety risks. 

Below, we’ll go over the errors you want to avoid when you’re looking for professional electrical repairs in Yakima, WA.

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Should You Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical Panel?

Monday, May 22nd, 2023

Think of the electrical panel in your home as a “central switching station” for all the electricity flowing through the wires in your house. The current from the grid enters the panel, where it divides into the different circuits that spread to outlets, light fixtures, and hardwired appliances. This panel needs to be in top shape and up-to-date to handle a home’s electrical load or else it will result in electrical problems and possibly safety hazards.

Is your house due for an electrical panel upgrade in Ellensburg, WA? It’s a good question, and we’ll explore it more below.

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Why We Recommend Whole-House Generator Installation

Monday, May 8th, 2023

Nobody wants to be at the mercy of a power outage in their home. Even a brief one that lasts only a few minutes is an annoyance because you have to go check on all your electrical appliances and reactivate them, as well as reset several clocks, the thermostat, and re-log into your Wi-Fi modem from several devices.

The real threat comes from extended power outages that can last for hours or even days. These can strike in extreme weather conditions or due to massive strain on the electrical grid. A household depends on electrical power in numerous ways, and losing that power will mean a loss of heating and air conditioning, the refrigerator, ways to charge mobile devices, computer connections, Wi-Fi connections, and more. When it comes to the HVAC system and powered medical equipment, power outages can turn into genuine emergencies.

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